Letter To The Deputy President
From Mario G.R. Oriani-Ambrosini. MP





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September 10, 2012      


H.E. Kgalema Motlanthe, MP
Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa

Via Email


Dear Deputy President:


During supplemental questions which I had the privilege of putting to you in the National Assembly recently, I directed your attention to, and asked questions about, your views relating to two IFP proposals which you indicated not having had the opportunity to consider and review.


The first was a comprehensive proposal for the reform of the monetary system. The second was the proposal often repeated by Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi for an accelerated path of sub-Saharan economic and political integration.


As I would like to possibly ask you additional questions in respect of your views on these two proposals, I am sending to you attached hereto relevant documentation containing such proposals.


The first is an extract from the IFPs submission to the National Planning Commission which reiterates proposals for the reform of the monetary system previously submitted to the Minister of Economic Development and the Minister of Finance.


In responding to my questions on the matter, you indicated that, in any case, matters relating to the reform of the monetary system would need to come to your government through the South African Reserve Bank [SARB] which ought to first be engaged on the matter. However, once you appreciate the import and nature of our proposals, you will see how the SARB is the least suited to express a view on the matter, because such a proposal aims at taking the power of creating money away from the banking conglomerate which the SARB represents and expresses, and transferring it to the people of South Africa through their elected government.


The second proposal has been reiterated by Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi for over 20 years in numerous documents, public addresses, interventions and conferences. I am attaching a document which provides a fair summary of the proposals that the Prince articulated in the past. It is an article that the Prince has submitted to The Thinker for publication, as part of an issue solely dedicated to the process of African unification.


Should you wish to receive more information on this matter, I will gladly send to you or your advisors the much more copious documentation in which the Prince has articulated the details of his vision.


I am also attaching a full copy of our submission to the National Planning Commission, as it contains and addresses other matters of fundamental national importance.


Please be assured of the highest sense of my esteem and respects.


Very truly yours,   





Mario G.R. Oriani-Ambrosini. MP