Deserving police officers must be promoted

All police officers must be treated fairly and equally. Deserving and qualifying police officers must be promoted irrespective of their race.

Disgruntling police officers at various stations in KwaZulu-Natal have already embarked on a go-slow to demonstrate their unhappiness with “unfair promotions”.

The reality is that these grievances of KZN SAPS officers are real. Police has often been tasked with breaking up illegal strikes but what if police itself went on “mass leave”? Losing out on a promotion is tough enough, but being passed over for a top-level position in favour of another candidate — either external or internal — can be a deal breaker for even the most loyal SAPS officers.

The IFP supports promotion within the SAPS but we urge the SAPS to motivate their deserving officers and avoid creating disharmony among the ranks by favouring those who do not add much value to the organisation. Employees should also be reminded that their contribution can be singled out if they apply themselves to their work. South Africa needs a police force who will serve the nation efficiently and with dedication.

The IFP is however, concerned that the go-slow by the police officers will allow criminals to go on a rampage. Our communities are now vulnerable to ruthless criminals.

Criminals will take advantage of this go-slow to commit crimes without any fear of being arrested. Police presence and a no-nonsense approach are an important tool to send a clear message that law enforcement is serious about reducing crime and getting rid of criminals from our communities. It is our view that criminals can only be defeated only if there is an increase in active visible policing.

The IFP calls on the Minister of Police Bheki Cele and his provincial counter parts to ensure that this issue is addressed amicably to avoid any further protest action by the police.

When the IFP wins on 8 May in KwaZulu-Natal, we will be extremely tough on crime and rooting out elements of criminality in our province. We believe that all residents in KZN must be and feel safe. Our Manifesto addresses the need for stronger, harsher sentences and hard labour for prisoners who commit heinous crimes.

Mr Blessed Gwala MPL,
IFP KZN Provincial Spokesperson on Community Safety and Liaison,
078 290 5842
Date: 13 March 2019