ESKOM yet again holding SA to ransom

12 February 2019

The ANC’s latest remarks regarding load shedding in the country as an act of sabotage by ESKOM employees appears to be nothing but a convenient ‘untruth’ with current stage 3 and 4 ’load-shedding’ being more likely as direct result of ESKOM’s poor planning, incompetence and corruption.

The IFP believes that this continued incompetence and mismanagement at ESKOM remains one of the greatest risks to our national security and tanking of our economy.  The ANC must own up to its own complicity in aiding and abetting the current state of collapse at ESKOM.

ESKOM has for many years under the leadership of the ANC failed. To date, ESKOM is losing R500 million every month, and will lose R2 billion for every 1% it does not get in its requested price hikes according to its Chief Financial Officer.

This is a direct result of poor management, lack of internal controls and critical levels of corrupt activities not just at the helm of the organisation but throughout.

Unbundling ESKOM at this point in time is not a solution given the fact that when SOEs are unbundled there is increased bureaucracy, blame shifting and the creation of management boards within boards, all while the country is in turmoil through lack of energy supply.

The IFP calls upon the President through his Minister of Public Enterprises, who is ultimately at the helm of this sinking parastatal, to direct their righteous anger towards a constructive and sustainable solution to this crisis.

Narend Singh MP
IFP Spokesperson on Public Enterprises
083 788 5954