IFP Calls On Class of 2018 To Be Vigilant

The IFP calls on all prospective tertiary education students to exercise vigilance when registering at institutions of higher learning given the prevalence of bogus colleges.

Thousands upon thousands of innocent young South Africans fall prey of the unscrupulous syndicate of bogus colleges who promise accredited higher education whereas the qualifications they provide are not worth the paper they are written on. The poor and vulnerable are the primary target of these criminals who play on the desperation of our people and milk them of their hard earned money.

The IFP calls on the Class of 2018 to be vigilant during this time as they seek to register for higher education. It is a known reality that South Africa is riddled with all sorts of corruption and fraud, and scam-masters are preying on the desperation of Grade 12 learners who want to further their education by setting up bogus and ghost colleges, which are a money making scheme, rooted in robbing innocent, vulnerable and unknowing learners and parents.

We urge the Class of 2018 to verify the accreditation and registration of any institution before paying any money. Their positive drive to study should not cloud their judgement. We are pleading with learners and parents to be vigilant and thorough in their background checks of these institutions which pop up during this period, making very bold promises, because they are nothing but fleecing fly-by-night institutions hell bent on taking advantage of poor and desperate people.

The IFP calls on the Department of Higher Education and Training to publish a comprehensive list of all accredited institutions of higher education in all the major newspapers to assist and protect learners and parents from these vultures.

Other means to communicate must be utilised such as social media platforms and other mainstream media. The department would do well to also set up a free app in this regard.

Mkhuleko Hlengwa MP
IFP National Spokesperson
071 111 0539