IFP National Executive Committee Statement: 2019 National And Provincial Elections

The IFP NEC having met today Monday 07 January 2019 at its first meeting for the new year- 2019 wishes all South Africans and the world a happy new year.

This is an important year for South Africa’s democratic dispensation as once again our country heads to the polls.

The 2019 National and Provincial Elections are not about the past 25 years. They are about the progress, or lack thereof, South Africa has made since the last elections in 2014. They are about where the country is now; and importantly they are about the future. The electorate have every responsibility to build a prosperous future for themselves through the ballot.

Going into these elections South Africa has two choices either to continue on the current path of failure, corruption, incompetence and inefficiency or we choose a new path: A path of economic growth and economic development. A path of anti-corruption through transparency and accountability. A path of poverty eradication. A path of quality education. A path of unity in diversity through reconciliation. A path of dignity through economic justice and sustainable jobs!

The IFP champions the second path. Let us choose the second path. Let us choose change. We deserve better than the dismal failure of the past 5 years. We dare not accept what we have now as the best we can do as a people. We are a proud Nation, with a rich past and equally we owe it to ourselves to craft, for ourselves, the best future. We deserve the second path. The IFP is the second path.

Our hard won democracy has brought us the gift of choice. In 2019, through our votes in the National and Provincial Elections, we can choose our future. We can bring change on a massive scale. We can save South Africa from the ground up.

The IFP calls for elections that are free and fair, and free from fear, violence and intimidation.

The IFP encourages all South Africans to register to vote on 26 and 27 January 2019 particularly because this is the final voter registration weekend by the IEC ahead of the elections; and of crucial importance for all voters is to update their addresses on the voters roll.

The IFP reiterates the outlook of Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi MP when on 1 February 2004 he said: Now is the time to change. Now is the time to move from bad to better. Now is the time to have the courage to hope.  Now is the time for the IFP. Now is the time for a leadership that South Africa can trust. Now is the time for us to rely on the protection and guidance of God Almighty and firmly believe that we shall overcome and succeed in giving South Africa a dream as large as its God-given potentials.”

The IFP stands ready and prepared for the forthcoming elections. We are ready to serve again as we have done so diligently over 44 years. 

The National Campaign Committee will release our electoral schedule of campaign activities in due course as we prepare to present to South Africans a credible alternative action plan for our future.

Issued by the Inkatha Freedom Party, for further information please contact:

Mkhuleko Hlengwa, MP
IFP National Spokesperson
071 111 0539