IFP NEC Statement: 3 December 2018

Note to Editors: This statement follows the sitting of the IFP’s National Executive Committee (NEC). The NEC of the IFP sits every Monday to discuss issues facing the country and the party.

World Aids Day:

As millions of South Africans and the global community marked World Aids Day on Saturday 1 December 2018, the IFP reiterates our unwavering commitment to tackle the rise of HIV/AIDS infections and mother-to-child transmission of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

The IFP in 2002 established a Directorate in the Party under the leadership of then Member of the Provincial Legislature in KwaZulu-Natal,  Dr OS Baloyi, to conduct studies, hold meetings with relevant stakeholders in the health department and find innovative ways to fight this disease.

Under the leadership of the IFP’s Premier, Dr Lionel Mtshali, we ensured the roll out of Anti-Retroviral medicine to all clinics in KwaZulu Natal, in particular to prevent mother-to-child transmission. Based on our success, we were able to provide evidence to the Constitutional Court in the case brought by the Treatment Action Campaign, enabling the Court to instruct national Government to follow suit and provide ARVs to all South Africans.

In an age of AIDS denialism by the ANC government, and stigmatisation of HIV and Aids, the IFP’s President Prince Buthelezi was the first national leader to publically announce that his son had succumbed to Aids. He tore the veil of silence, opening the way for campaigns of information and assistance.

Today, the IFP’s NEC calls on all South Africans to support the de-stigmatisation of people who are infected with HIV or suffer from AIDS. Now that an array of medication is freely available to tackle HIV, we remind all South Africans to act responsibly, to live healthier lifestyles and to practice safe sexual behaviour.

South Africa is stronger when we stand united in our efforts to uphold and respect the dignity of each and every person, regardless of their HIV/AIDS status.

Parliamentary Eskom Inquiry:

The IFP NEC welcomes the adoption of the Eskom Inquiry report by the Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises which suggests State Capture at Eskom. It was the IFP who first requested the Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises to conduct an investigation into State Capture at Eskom.

Our democracy is stronger as the powers of Parliament have duly been exercised in holding the Executive to account. It is a victory when party and politics is set aside in the common cause against fighting the scourge of corruption.

It is our hope as the NEC of the IFP that post-elections all political parties will rise above party-politics to form a stable, capable and corruption-free government through strong and effective parliamentary oversight.

Now is the time to strengthen the capacity of the Zondo Commission to investigate all involved in the project of State Capture, which to date has heard of billions of Rands being lost to corruption, cronyism and the failing ANC which cannot distinguish between State and party.

IFP MPL Hassan Motala resigns:

The NEC notes and has accepted the resignation of Mr Hassan Motala, former IFP MPL in the KZN Legislature. He has complied with a directive of the Party issued to him last week following his conviction on allegations of fraud.

IFPWB Summit on Gender Based Violence:

The NEC wishes to express congratulations to the party’s Women’s Brigade for hosting a successful conference on Gender Based Violence.

It was a clarion call to all South Africans to put shoulder to the wheel in fighting the scourge of GBV which has plagued our society for far too long.

The IFP’s Women’s Brigade concluded with a resounding message that the efforts of Government’s 16 Days of Activism must be extended to 365 days of activism – every day we must tackle the scourge of GBV not only within 16 days of the year.

The NEC fully supports all efforts by the IFP Women’s Brigade, in our collective fight against GBV. The IFP will be visible in all communities by having workshops, community engagements with different stakeholders to talk and have robust debates about how GVB can be eradicated in our society.

Condolences on the passing HE Mendi Msimang:

The IFP NEC expresses its deepest and heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, colleagues, the ANC and many loved ones of former ANC veteran and SA High Commissioner to the UK, His Excellency Mendi Msimang.

Mr Msimang served our country diligently and always upheld utmost decorum and respect. Msimang did a lot of work all over the world for our beloved country, and his efforts will never be forgotten.

He was married to the former Minister of Health Dr Manto Tshabalala-Msimang who passed away in 2009. The IFP expresses deep regret and sadness on his passing.
May his soul rest in eternal peace.


Mkhuleko Hlengwa MP
IFP National Spokesperson
071 111 0539