IFP Welcomes ConCourt Ruling on Disclosure of Party Funding

By Hon. N. Singh
IFP Chief Whip in Parliament

The IFP welcomes the Constitutional Court ruling this morning that the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) is invalid to the extent that it does not allow for the recording, preserving and providing of access to information on the funding of political parties.

This ruling is welcomed as it strengthens the oversight role of the public on political parties and for greater transparency and participatory democracy.

The IFP supported legislation in Parliament with regard to political party funding and the creation of a new multi-party democracy fund. Furthermore, the current draft legislation is before the NCOP Ad Hoc committee for concurrence.

Public Hearings are taking place within the Ad Hoc committee in the NCOP and the IFP wishes to encourage all citizens and stakeholders to participate in all processes.

The IFP will study the judgement in so far as it would affect current legislation on party funding which was passed in the National Assembly and make any further considerations.

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IFP Chief Whip in Parliament
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