IFP welcomes KZN YOUTH FUND but it must be free from corruption

The IFP welcomes the announcement by KZN Provincial government that it is planning on investing R50-million into youth-owned businesses in the province.

We appreciate Government’s efforts towards youth empowerment in terms of skills and finances, although a lot has to be done. The IFP calls on the KZN Premier, Willies Mchunu to ensure the KZN Youth Fund is free from corruption and nepotism. It is difficult for us to trust the ANC-led government as institutions and individuals who are supposed to fight corruption have been compromised and are now part of the system.

This programme must not turn into a cash cow to benefit only certain individuals in the ANC as it has been the case with Sukuma Sakhe Programme where ANC has turned the Operation Sukuma Sakhe into its machine to garner votes, not to deliver services to the people. We always question why members of the different political parties represented in the KZN Legislature are excluded from these so called Izimbizo’s if they are government events and not for the ANC only.

As we empower the youth with entrepreneurial skills and finances, there is a need to also empower them with the virtues of life as one important component for holistic growth.

Mr Blessed Gwala MPL
IFP Leader in the KZN Legislature
078 290 5842
Date: 01 February 2019