Dissolution of Nqutu Municipality Is Political Rape

The IFP Youth Brigade is firmly of the view that KZN MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA), Nomusa Dube-Ncube, has aided and abetted the kindergarten theatrics of the Anc in Nqutu Local Municipality to prevent the IFP lead cooperation government from assuming office and delivering services and development to the people of Nqutu.

We are not intimidated by these shenanigans but we are concerned by the political-rape of the Constitution and the will of the people.

The latest decision to institute section 139(1) (c) to effectively dissolve Nqutu Municipality is nothing but pure Anc desperation and a blatant abuse of process.

We must not lose sight of the fact that the MEC is also the Deputy Secretary of the Anc in KZN and therefore she is bound to act in line with the party interests.

She has been hell-bent on preventing the IFP from taking over the municipality because the Anc is a bunch of sore losers, who know nothing about a smooth transfer of power.

The People of Nqutu spoke loudly and clearly on 3 August and rejected the Anc, and chose the IFP; the politically motivated decision to dissolve the Nqutu Municipality seeks to silence the will of the People.

The willy-nilly application of section 139 for political expedience to undermine the election outcomes of 3 August 2016 to prevent the IFP from fulfilling its legitimate electoral mandate speaks of an Anc of dictators and further undermines the autonomy of local government.

We have seen this dictatorial approach being applied in Mtubatuba and Jozini Municipalities; and similar threats being meted out against AbaQulusi and Zululand Municipalities.

The IFPYB is also aware of the reported serious allegations that the MEC’s husband is a business man who has left behind a trail of destruction, corruption and fraud in Jozini, Mkhanyakude, Nqutu and UMzinyathi Municipalities; and the MEC is determined to abuse her office and manipulate the system to protect her husband.

The Anc can rest assured that they will find us on the ground in Nqutu and we will expose their cheap gutter desperate politics. We will give them a good whacking like we did on August 3. Furthermore, the Anc will be best served not to employ their old age thievery of bussing voters into Nqutu or try and manipulate the voters roll.

We call on all the IFPYB branches and structures in Nqutu, uMzinyathi and beyond to hit the ground running to ensure a decisive IFP victory, [once again].

In conclusion, whilst we are ready for the election re-run and are certain of victory, we will also be approaching the Public Protector to investigate the questionable conduct of the MEC of COGTA, KZN COGTA and the IEC have handled the Nqutu matter; and the prevalent political biases which characterise this section 139 intervention.
It is abundantly clear that there is abuse of power and process, personal gain and nepotism and breach of ethics on the part of the MEC and this must be exposed and punished.

Issued on behalf of the IFP Youth Brigade
Mkhuleko Hlengwa, MP
IFPYB National Chairperson
071 111 0539