Forensics Report Indicates that Recent Anti-Indian ‘Hate-Speech’ Rhetoric Likely Emanates from Third Force Activity

On the 4th June 2018, the Inkatha Freedom Party issued a statement condemning in the strongest possible terms the recent anti-Indian “hate speech” Facebook post purportedly emanating from the account of Mr Nkululeko Mhkize.

IFP Chief Whip in Parliament, Mr Narend Singh, MP, immediately denounced and condemned the racist anti-Indian comments as divisive, abhorrent and as having no place in a free and equal South Africa.

The IFP instituted immediate legal action to ensure that the person responsible for such social media postings would face the full might of the law.

At the party’s own expense it commissioned a IT Forensics Company, TCG Forensics based in Cape Town, to investigate the matter and confirm the identity and whereabouts of the author of the racist remarks.

In the TCG Forensics one hundred and seventeen page report, which we will be handing over to the SAPS in Durban to assist in their investigation into the matter, it appears that the Facebook profile responsible for the racist remarks is prima facie a fake profile. The profile was created/activated on the 30th May 2018, and the racially divisive remarks and hate-speech were uploaded less than 24hrs thereafter. The profile was subsequently removed within hours of the remarks being noted.

The investigation remains on-going and the IFP will continue to work together with SAPS to ensure that the perpetrators of such socially divisive hate-speech face the full might of the law.

“Together we are building our rainbow nation and such divisive and devilish rhetoric will only undermine this process and sow further division. I wish to therefore impress upon and urge all citizens, including leaders of Political parties, to exercise the utmost precaution and sensitivity and not to generalize and espouse negative commentary upon any racial group or people. We are all South Africans and only by standing together as one people and one nation, will we take this great country forward,” concluded Singh, MP.

Mr Narend Singh, MP
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