International Awareness Day: Long Distance Transport to Slaughter

By Hon. N. Singh
Spokesperson on Environmental Affairs

As the world marks the International Awareness Day to stop the long distance transport of livestock for slaughter, the IFP wishes to express our concern regarding the inhumane trade of animals to other countries and the inhumane slaughter of animals upon arrival in foreign countries.

We are appealing to all communities to assist with information, funds and time to ensure a collaborative effort in clamping down on cattle trade resorting to the brutal killing and slaughter of animals who unduly suffer on shipping vessels.

In December of 2016, the Constitutional Court in a judgement reminded us all that animals are sentient begins and are capable of suffering and experiencing pain. Animal protection safeguards the moral status of humans and the degeneration of human values.

Together we will continue to build awareness and demonstrate global opposition to the abhorrent trade in, and long distance transport of, live animals.

The IFP upholds the rights of cultural, traditional and religious groups to slaughter for the sake of sacrificial belief and we respect all cultures, traditions and religions that strengthen their faith through the slaughtering of animals in a humane manner.

The organisations and their efforts in bringing about international awareness to stop the long distance transport of livestock for slaughter must be commended as they truly speak on behalf of the ‘voiceless’.

Media Enquiries:
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IFP Spokesperson on Environmental Affairs
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