Irresponsible Taxi Drivers Must Be Removed

The Inkatha Freedom Party expresses its disgust after a video showing a taxi driver assaulting a female passenger has gone viral.

“The IFP expresses its condemnation of this incident and urges the lady concerned to press charges of assault against the driver. It is absolutely appalling that someone who calls himself a man would assault a defenceless woman in such a manner. From the video it is clear that the woman concerned was trying to get away from this abuser but he prevents her from getting off the taxi and then assaults her when she does get off. No matter what the circumstances are, such behaviour is totally unacceptable. Passengers, be they male or female, are the reason that the taxi industry is thriving in our country and they must be treated with respect and dignity. This sort of abuse by one driver gives the entire taxi industry a bad reputation. We know that not all drivers behave like hooligans and that there are drivers who are highly responsible and polite to their passengers”, said Mr Blessed Gwala, IFP National Chairman and Leader in the KZN Legislature.

“One wonders how many other such cases have occurred and have gone unreported. This case of assault is not the only form of abuse that road users face from irresponsible taxi drivers. On a daily basis we see taxi drivers speeding, overtaking recklessly and overloading their vehicles to make more money. We want to urge all taxi owners to screen their drivers carefully and to ensure that they employ competent drivers who are of sober habits while on duty. Taxi drivers must understand that they are not the only ones who are using our roads and that they are not the law unto themselves.

We commend the owner of the taxi concerned, Mr Velaphi Gumede who is also the Chairperson of the Ntuzuma Taxi Association for stating publicly that he condemns such behaviour and that he will fire the driver concerned. All taxi owners must adopt a similar no-nonsense attitude and ensure the safety of their passengers and all other road users,” concluded Mr Gwala.

Issued by:
Mr M B Gwala
IFP National Chairman and Leader in the KZN Legislature
078 2905842