Youth Day Debate Speech


Hon Speaker

The IFP appreciates the role played by the youth of 1976 in this country. Today we remember the gallant young people whose homes were constantly raided as they sought sanctuary in cold and uncaring places.

On this day the IFP calls on government that Youth Day celebration should be a 365 days project not for one particular day. Lokhu sikusho ngoba uma sekudlule lolusuku uhulumeni uyakhohlwa izinkinga zabantu abasha uze ubakhumbule ngomhlaka 16 June ngonyaka olandelayo.


Many youths are unemployed and it is usually said they are the main perpetrators of crime in society. According to the latest numbers published by Statistics South Africa. South Africa’s youth unemployment rate is amongst the highest in the world at 38,2%, implying that more than one in every three young people in the labour force did not have a job in the first quarter of 2018.

Government’s noisy rhetoric on its initiatives aimed at bettering the lives of the youth is meaningless. Also, the disturbing practice of keeping youth outside job market because they hold only qualifications without experience must be stopped. Why should experience still be used as a yardstick for entry level jobs?

The inter-Ministerial committee on public employment programmes (PEP-IMC) is driving government’s effort to create 6 million work opportunities by 2019 through programmes that create jobs for those who cannot find work and that create public goods in the form of new infrastructure or the improvement of existing infrastructure. The problem with such work opportunities is that they don’t guarantee long term employment.

Politicised institutions such as the NYDA continue to add petrol to an already ticking bomb. NYDA has failed to assist our young people over the years as many young people in rural areas still doesn’t know what is NYDA and what it does as if has failed to open offices in such areas. It has been used as a cash cow by ANC youth only.


To curb most issues that are affecting youth, there is a need for governmental acceptance of the requirement for new strategies and support of better ways to promote and deliver real transformation that speaks to young people across the education sector. There is a need for youth training programs that will teach, encourage and mentor talents and skills, teach values, social responsibility, appropriate behavioural and leadership skills for youth to become more involved in decision making concerning their own affairs, improve academic learning and to develop into responsible citizens. Government budgets must start to be sensitive and speak into building youth to be better future generations.


Youth businesses have the potential to innovate, drive production and exports and create jobs, therefore young people must be empowered with tools and knowledge they need to excel.

The IFP believes that policy makers and businesses can create more opportunities for young people, provided there is the right environment, capital, networks, and evidence. Young people are entitled to the right set of tools, skills, and resources that will put them in a position to use these opportunities to engage in productive employment.


Nikezani intsha umhlaba ukuze ilime ixoshe indlala ngoba ukulima kuwumgogodla wempilo. Umnyango wezolimo kufanele ube sophondweni lokuthi ubeke phambili abantu abasha kwezolimo ukuze bakwazi ukuziphilisa bangalindi ukuthi baze baqashwe uhulumeni.


The IFP is very concerned about the high rate of teenage pregnancy in this country. We are also concerned about the issue of Blessers/Sugar Daddies who are preying on young girls who are poor including those in tertiary institutions who are in dire need of financial assistance.

Gender violence is very rampant in our community especially amongst the youth although cases are not reported to law enforcers. Gender violence is an ongoing cycle in our community including tertiary institutions. The IFP is of the opinion that if law makers can strengthen the law that is specific to gender violence, maybe a change will occur. We must also deal decisively with the issue of drug abuse. This also contribute to the high rate of road accidents involving the youth. The awareness about drug abuse should also be extended to schools as learners are also known to be smoking.

I thank you.