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Press release NPOs Hamstrung by Non-receipt of Funding 24 March, 2023
Press release Human Rights Day 2023 21 March, 2023
Press release IFP KZN Leadership to Brief Media 7 March, 2023
Press release State of the Province Debate 3 March, 2023
leaders Hon. Sanele Sethembeni Zondo 28 February, 2023
Press release Court Vindicates IFP on Nongoma and MEC Matters 24 February, 2023

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Press Releases 27 March, 2023

IFP to Welcome More Opposition Leaders Into Its Ranks

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Press Releases 24 March, 2023

NPOs Hamstrung by Non-receipt of Funding

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Press Releases 23 March, 2023

IFP Wins Ward 12 in Dannhauser, Sustaining Trajectory of Victory in By-Elections

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