ANC KZN Playing Politics With the Lives of School Children

The IFP Youth Brigade in KwaZulu-Natal calls on Education MEC, Kwazi Mshengu, to stop playing politics with the lives of young school children in deciding whether or not to reopen schools in the province.

Far too many classrooms and schools are ill-equipped to manage the influx of learners and teachers; and too many schools require improvements with infrastructure needs.

The issue of potable water in deep rural areas still remains a challenge and the department has not done enough to allay any fears that learners will be safe.

The MEC has not acted decisively enough in taking parents, teachers and the entire education sector into his confidence that schools in KZN will be ready to kick off teaching and learning.

Just a few days ago the provincial department denied distributing poor quality reusable masks to teachers. Many photographs have been circulated on social media showing the poor quality of protective equipment issued to teachers.

We cannot allow young people to place their lives at risk due to the ineptitude of departmental officials and politicians playing games with the lives of young learners.

The IFP Youth Brigade in KZN calls for swift action and for decisive leadership in ensuring that we place the safety of learners and teachers first.

Brian Masondo
IFP KwaZulu-Natal Youth Brigade Secretary
062 753 2686 / 072 585 0139