Budget Debate Vote Speech – Police and IPID

By Zandile Majozi MP
Spokesperson on Police & IPID

Delivered at Parliament

11 July 2019

Vote 23& 20: Police and IPID

  • Honourable Chairperson, at the outset, allow me to thank the Minister for his proactive stance in addressing communities right here in Cape Town who have been on their knees pleading for support against gangsterism, drugs and violence.
  • The communities in Cape Town are not alone in trying to fight the scourge of violence, drug abuse, crime, gangsterism and syndicates.
  • Across the country, lawlessness on our streets have become worrying, statistics show that this fight, we, cannot leave just at the doorstep of the Minister.
  • All of us will have to do our part in addressing the root causes of why our people are driven into a life of crime.
  • No society can achieve its full potential while its people live in fear.
  • Development is only possible when individual rights and liberties are secured across the board.
  • South Africans must feel safe and must be kept safe.
  • With talking less and listening more to the plight many face and lending an ear to their solutions we would be able to have a more responsive, caring, professional and disciplined police.
  • Our police must be professional.
  • Our police must be trusted.
  • Our police must be equipped to deal with the ever changing crime landscape.
  • Our police cannot turn a blind-eye to gender based violence.
  • Minister, if you have a moment to indulge yourself – watch channel 157 to see the many cases whereby police have not been helpful in providing closure to the families of victims who have been sexually assaulted, abused and murdered.
  • It is not enough to talk about a strong stance on tackling crime.
  • We cannot fool our people or criminals with stats and targets and tough talk.
  • We cannot fool those who lose up to 10 members of their community in one weekend.
  • Or those who lose their parents and grandparents who are brutally killed on farms in rural communities.
  • We cannot fool those who are the victims of stock theft, who are victims of abuse and hijacking.
  • And we cannot fool those who mourn daily their loved ones that have been murdered.
  • We must be honest in calling the state of crime in our country a crisis.
  • Chairperson
  • On IPID – I was rather disturbed in a portfolio committee briefing in hearing the instability of this very important entity.
  • It is pointless to talk about holding the police accountable when the very entity tasked to do so lacks leadership.
  • It cannot be that IPID lacks the basics to function.
  • How can we expect miracles when basics are not in place for IPID officials to do their jobs?
  • The IFP urges Minister Cele to appoint a permanent head for IPID.
  • When too many posts remain “acting” no one is really steering the ship.
  • Leadership stability is vital to the success of the police watchdog.
  • Our standards must be set higher, we must expect more and we must do so within the budgetary constraints.
  • Let’s raise the bar and work together to do so.
  • The IFP will always be committed to ensuring that our country is safe and that we work together in a constructive manner to fix what is broken at SAPS and IPID – therefore, we support this budget.

I thank you.