BUDGET VOTES Vote 28: Police

Hon. Z Majozi, MP
24 July 2020


Dear Honourable Members, the South African Police Service (SAPS) is one of the few departments whose budget was adjusted upwards, as its members are at the forefront of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

The SAPS budget was revised upwards by R3.7 billion, which brings the budget to R105.411 billion – a 3.6% increase. While this adjustment is nominal, any contribution to the resources that support effective policing is welcomed.

The IFP is concerned about the impact of the reallocation of funds on certain SAPS programmes, especially those related to modernisation. SAPS reduced the planned 45 sites for implementation of the digital radio communication infrastructure to only three. This is worrying because communication is an important element of effective policing.

We welcome the addition of over 300 members to the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Units, and the progress regarding the recruitment of an additional 7 000 members to SAPS in general.

The IFP also wishes to see the SAPS revise its targets regarding gender-based violence, to reflect the urgency of the situation.

The IFP wishes to emphasise that in the process of policing, the SAPS must operate within the domain of the Constitution and other laws. The Collins Khosa case should remind all law enforcement that torture is prohibited and that human rights must be protected in all circumstances.

The IFP is pleased to note that the IPID Budget was not revised downwards, as its budget is already strained. We welcome the appointment of Ms Jennifer Dikeledi Ntlatseng as Executive Director of IPID, after the position was vacant for over a year.

However, the process surrounding the appointment raises some concern. We support the proposed amendment to the IPID Act, which would secure the independence of IPID and lend clarity to the Executive Director appointment process.

The IFP accepts the Budget.

Hon. Z Majozi
083 207 7238