The IFP condemns and denies the malicious and untrue claims made by the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal in a statement issued today by the party on the commotion which took place in the Nquthu Council Chambers, on Friday 28 May 2021, during a full sitting of council.

The ANC’s statement issued by their provincial spokesperson, Nhlakanipho Ntombela, is a twisted narrative to suit their own political agenda in the province.

The ANC’s warped version of events clearly makes them the victims in the matter when in fact, they were the perpetrators provoking and disturbing the council from conducting important and essential business.

This very sitting had to deal with the Municipal Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and would have a major impact on residents in Nquthu, yet the ANC decided to heckle and call out the IFP Councillors present and subsequently continued their charade by breaking down the council chambers and destroying property.

The Nquthu Council Speaker has subsequently opened a case against the ANC Councillors who were present during this sitting for damages to the council chambers and for violence with malicious intent.

The Nquthu Council will also take further action by ensuring that the ANC Councillors appear before the Rules Committee and that a proper investigation is conducted.

The ANC Councillors who sought to break down the work of the Nquthu Local Municipality by challenging the IFP through violent and destructive means must face the full consequences of the law and action taken by the Council.

The ANC has shown their blatant disregard for the rule of law and the people of Nquthu. The IFP will not idly stand-by and watch as the ANC try at every juncture to undermine the significant growth and gains the IFP-led Nquthu Council has made to date and achieved.

Their argument on the legitimacy of the current IFP Mayor in the Council is nonsensical and has no standing as a full and legitimately quorate Council, elected Mayor, Lindokuhle Shabalala.

The ANC would do well in KZN to focus their efforts and attention at delivering quality basic and essential services in the province instead of trying to paint the IFP as the enemies of the people of KZN. These shameful and baseless claims against us serves no purpose and undermines the electorate.

The petty disputes of ANC Councillors in Nquthu and the ANC in general would be best put to test when residents of the municipality take to the polls in the upcoming Local Government Elections.

Thami Ntuli
IFP KZN Provincial Chairperson
072 585 5000