#CORONAVIRUS IFP calls for mandatory self-isolation for travellers

The IFP calls on government to implement extraordinary measures for all travellers to and from Europe, following the World Health Organisation (WHO) announcement that Europe is the epicentre of the covid-19 pandemic.

The IFP believes that people who have travelled to or from Europe in the past 30 days should undergo a mandatory self-isolation or quarantine.  In the absence of a travel ban or restrictions, South Africans who are returning from Europe or travellers from the European countries should be strongly encouraged to subject themselves to a process of self-isolation for a period of no less than 14 days and should be tested at our health care facilities.

The IFP also requests that government urgently issue a high-risk travel advisory for South Africans travelling to Europe.

We are indeed comforted at this time that government is trying its best to stop the spread of covid-19, however, more needs to be done in terms of ensuring that all South Africans are protected.

Rural communities, townships and villages across the country would be worst affected as regards a virus outbreak and the lack of water and dignified sanitation in these areas and communities are very worrisome for the IFP.

We urge government to wherever possible ensure that all communities are equipped with water or water tankers for immediate relief to longer term structural deficiencies in rural South Africa.

We cannot urge those communities to wash hands regularly when there is a lack of clean drinking water or the basic infrastructure in place to tackle a virus outbreak.

The IFP will continue to monitor the actions of government in keeping South Africans safe and protecting the most vulnerable from this dreadful covid-19 outbreak.

Mkhuleko Hlengwa MP
IFP National Spokesperson
071 111 0539