Debate On The Fifth ANC Motion On Corruption

By Hon M B Gwala

I find it rather ironic that a member of the ANC would table a motion on corruption for debate. It is like a habitual criminal asking the public to stop crime. I am in no way suggesting that the Hon Ntuli is a criminal. It is just that the organisation that he represents is so steeped in accusations of corruption that it makes it difficult to take this motion seriously as it comes from the ANC.

If the ANC wants this House and the citizens of KwaZulu-Natal to take this motion seriously, then it firstly needs to free itself of the baggage of corruption that hangs around the neck of the ANC.
If the ANC is serious about eradicating corruption then it must look to the kind of example that is being set by its own leadership. Citizens of our country want to look up to leaders who are ethical and who put the interests of the people first. Citizens cannot look up to leaders who are self-serving and have allegations of corruption following them wherever they go.

It is common knowledge that your President has over 780 charges hanging over his head but he does not want his day in court to answer to those charges. He is using every means at his disposal to avoid clearing his name because he knows that it is mission impossible. He is afraid of facing those charges in a court of law because the South African judicial system has proven time and again to uphold the law and the constitution of our country. So he has no place to hide aside from within the ranks of the ANC.

Many senior members of the ANC, SACP and COSATU who are all your alliance partners have spoken out against your President in relation to his image because of those corruption charges. Your President is not the only one from within your ranks who is facing corruption charges. Not a day goes by without there being some new allegations of corruption, fraud or mismanagement against some members of the ANC. You know very well that the former Premier of KwaZulu-Natal, Sbu Ndebele is facing charges on allegations relating to the time when he was Premier. So it is true that the fish rots from the head.

Could it be that certain members in the ANC are so fed up with the corruption that has tarnished their organisation that they are now sending out SOS messages to seek help from political parties that still have their credibility intact?

If the ANC wants to know about clean governance and eradicating corruption, then it should learn from the IFP. It is also common knowledge that in the 42 years of the IFP’s existence, our leader has never been found guilty of corruption or even accused of corrupt activities.

The IFP always ran a clean ship when it came to governance and our President has always spoken out against corrupt practices.
Recently, speaking at Thokoza in Ekurhuleni Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi said :

“Corruption in our country has reached its peak. The manner in which the ANC-led government is corrupt is beyond Satan’s imagination”.

This motion requests this House to

“expose these vestiges of the past while building a nation that is free from corruption”

The question is: What is the ANC as the ruling party doing about exposing and eradicating the corruption that has become a cancer that has infected all tiers of government?

Why is the ANC not coming out openly to expose the corruption and clean up the mess that we as a country find ourselves in?

Recently I issued a media statement wherein I detailed some of the shenanigans in the KZN Treasury Department. If the ANC is serious about exposing and eradicating corruption, why has there been no response to those serious issues that I mentioned?

Is it not true that R28million of tax payer’s money was paid by the KZN Treasury for the North Sea Jazz Festival that never took place and this money has not been recovered to date?

Is it not true that Public Protector found that whistle-blower, Ms Fikile Hlatshwayo-Rouget’s dismissal in 2013 was illegal and directed that she be re-instated, but MEC Scott, on the advice of attorney, Mr Martin Potgieter have decided to challenge this in court using tax payer’s money?

Is it not true that Dr Clive Coetzee who has been recommended by the SIU to be criminally charged is now employed by Treasury as a General Manager?

What has happened to the investigation that President Zuma requested the SIU to conduct into the corruption within the KZN Treasury?

Why is it that the MEC does not come out openly and tell the world that I am lying? Give the public a chapter and a verse on all issues that I openly raised.

The fact of the matter is that there is truth in everything that I said in that media statement.

I am still awaiting a response.

I am of the view that corruption is to blame for the many protests that we have been seeing in the country. Corruption in the way municipalities are run and the many unfulfilled promises of the ANC have led people to take to the streets to voice their frustrations.

It is about time that the ANC is honest with our people and look within itself if it is serious about eradicating corruption.