A Social Care Package – Health and Welfare

Good health and well-being is integral to the overall socio-economic success of our nation. All South Africans deserve access to quality, innovative healthcare. We strongly support social grants, within the framework of self-help and self-reliance. Our primary goal is to empower people, while assisting the vulnerable in times of distress.

The IFP Will champion:

  • Maintenance of existing health infrastucture.
  • Reduce the high-cost of medicine for all South Africans.
  • Establish provincial centres for medical innovation and research.
  • Additional capacity for the training of more South African medical professionals.
  • Improve service delivery and additional infrastructure in the National Health Laboratory Services.
  • Increase accessibility for complimentary and traditional medicines.
  • Increase support for mental health services.
  • Improve working conditions for all health care workers.
  • Implement Cancer policy in the workplace as we recognize and support the need for greater Cancer awareness and assistance through legislation and regulation for Cancer patients still active in the workplace.
  • One social worker per ward in each municipality to address social ills.
  • A special focus will be placed on ensuring that unemployed social work graduates are absorbed into the system and not only deployed to each ward in each municipality but also deployed to schools where school bullying is rife.
  • Encourage greater support for non-governmental organisations (NGO) and non-profit organisations (NPO) who deliver vital services on behalf of the State.
  • Prioritise the fight against gangsterism and drug abuse and increase the number of rehabilitation facilities for substance abuse.
  • Support an increase to the Old Age Grant.