Meeting of AmaKhosi of the Kingdom of KwaZulu Natal – 08 September 2000




amaKhosi of the Kingdom of KwaZulu Natal met on this 8th day of September, 2000 and unanimously resolved that:

  1. amaKhosi take cognisance of the proposals made by the government and contained in the letter of President TM Mbeki to amaKhosi dated August 28, 2000 relating to the resolution of the imminent clash between traditional leadership and municipalities to be established in rural areas.
  2. Having read the President’s letter, amaKhosi feel disappointed and concerned by the non-responsiveness of the government’s proposal to the problem created by the establishment of municipalities.
  3. amakhosi are saddened by the President’s rejection of the reasonable compromise proposals which traditional leaders from all over South Africa speaking with one voice made to him on June 29, 2000.
  4. amakhosi regret the language employed in the President’s letter which suggests that amaKhosi have not struggled for liberation and that traditional leadership is a hindrance to democracy and to the development and prosperity of rural areas.
  5. amaKhosi call on the President to honour the promise made in his May 16, 2000 letter that municipalities will not be established in rural areas and that, therefore, by necessary implication elections are not going to be held there until discussions are held between the President and amaKhosi.
  6. Now that both the proposal of traditional leaders and those of government are on the table, amaKhosi urge the President to set aside sufficient time and attention to hold with amaKhosi the promised discussions which have not yet taken place.
  7. amaKhosi urge all responsible and caring political, social, cultural and religious leaders of South Africa to take note of the imminent crisis looming on the horizon and raise their voices to induce government to seek ways and means of preserving the powers and functions of traditional leadership and enable amaKhosi to provide their necessary and essential contribution towards the development of rural areas.
  8. amaKhosi have taken note and fully endorse the resolution adopted by a meeting of a delegation of the National House of Traditional Leaders, the provincial Houses of Traditional Leaders, the Royal Bafokeng Nation and CONTRALESA, on September 5, 2000, praising the fact that finally greater unity of intent amongst traditional leaders at this tragic hour is shown not only through words but through tangible deeds and initiative.
  9. amaKhosi warn responsible people in South Africa that the impending and imminent destabilisation of rural communities caused by the forced establishment of municipalities in place of traditional leadership will set back the struggle for development and cause unpredictable tensions and widespread social problems undermining the rural foundation on which South Africa lies.
  10. amaKhosi urge traditional leadership throughout South Africa to spare no effort to participate in the successful organisation of the national gathering of traditional leaders and their subjects which is fully endorsed by amaKhosi of KwaZulu Natal.