National Council Resolutions – 25 Aug 2002

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The National Council of the IFP has unanimously resolved to:

  1. commend President TM Mbeki for his support of the need for strong and decisive action with regard to Zimbabwe which has been articulated by the leadership of the Commonwealth;
  2. express its grave concern regarding the situation developing in Zimbabwe I following the political programme of productive white farmers being deliberately forced from their land which has caused a national and international crisis;
  3. note our alarm at the way in which the degeneration of the situation in Zimbabwe is already adversely affecting the interests and economic prospects of South Africa and many of its nationals;
  4. express our mounting anxiety regarding the famine and resultant suffering that these ill-conceived policies have caused;
  5. thank the International Red Cross and other foreign governments for the aid they have already donated and dispatched to victims of famine in the Southern African region;
  6. recommit ourselves and urge the Government of South Africa to preserve and promote true democracy and freedom throughout the continent of Africa; and
  7. pledge that the IFP will continue to denounce the insidious racial hatred which fuelled the Zimbabwe crisis; that we will continue to work for racial reconciliation throughout our land and, finally, that we believe land reform in South Africa must be handled within the rule of law.