eThekwini Municipality to Blame for Girl’s Near Death

The Inkatha Freedom Party blames eThekwini Municipality for dragging its feet in dealing with illegal electricity connections which has led to the death of numerous innocent lives, and they should be held accountable for it.

This comes after a report that an innocent 6-year-old girl nearly lost her life in the informal settlement of Ramnanan, Verulam. It is said that, the girl was walking on an unpaved road when she slipped and fell on a live non-insulated electricity cable.

We are certain that the municipality is aware of all illegal connections as they are regularly reported, but to date very little has been done to secure these connections.

The IFP believes that complaints concerning people’s lives should be urgently dealt with. It cannot be that only during ANC electioneering, the Municipality promises to deliver secure electricity to residents living in informal settlements.

The IFP condemns all forms of illegal electricity connections by the community, yet we hold firm that it is the responsibility of the municipality to ensure that they take swift action and secure connections.

The IFP calls on the eThekwini Municipality Executive to appointment a task team that will be responsible for ensuring that all illegal connection within the municipality is eliminated and that amicable solutions are sought to assist residents with keeping the lights on.

Issued by
IFP Member of eThekwini Municipality Executive
Cllr Mdu Nkosi
076 133 1382