Image Credit: Vusumzi_Gqalane via Twitter

#FreeKanyaCekeshe: IFP Youth Brigade Calls On Justice Minister To Fast-Track Presidential Pardon

Mthokozisi Nxumalo MP
IFP Youth Brigade National Chairperson


The Inkatha Freedom Party Youth Brigade (IFPYB) calls on Justice Minister Ronald Lamola to fast-track his intentions to assist with the long overdue release of #FeesMustFall activist, Kanya Cekeshe.

The IFPYB stands with Kanya Cekeshe and we join, in the true spirit of ubuntu/botho and solidarity, the calls of many South Africans, young-and-old and from various organisations, who believe in justice, and who want to see Kanya free.

We believe that each and every South African has a moral obligation and a duty to support the #FreeKanyaCekeshe Movement – because in the same way – he sacrificed and fought for free higher education and training for all of us, of which we are now reaping the benefits.

Minister Lamola publicly stated that he will look into the possibility of a Presidential pardon by President Cyril Ramaphosa or “any other” legal route which can be taken in ensuring that Kanya will be released.

The clock is ticking Minister Lamola.

We call on Minister Lamola to do what is right and to fast-track action on his earlier public commitment in trying to free Kanya.

Many of the #FeesMustFall student leaders should not turn a blind eye to the struggle of Kanya, we are free today from the heavy burden of student debt, registration fees and access to higher education and training – let us not forget that while we enjoy this freedom, Kanya’s health is deteriorating and he languishes behind bars.

History will judge this current government’s inaction very harshly. We have seen enough injustices committed against those who merely tried to stand up for the masses.

Each and every leader who was part of the struggle for our freedom and who was unfairly placed behind bars for fighting against racial injustice and regime, knows what it is like to lose freedom in the fight for just cause.

We call on all leaders, elders, comrades and other political organisation in joining in our call, to lobby Justice Minister Lamola to urgently fast-track the process of seeking a pardon and to recommend that President Ramaphosa grant him a presidential pardon.

We owe it to #FreeKanyaCekeshe for bringing the majority of our poor young brothers and sisters, and for the next generation of young people, to further fight for the rights of a more fee-free higher education and training sector in our country.

All IFP Youth Brigade and SADESMO structures on campuses across the country stand with the free #KanyaCekeshe Movement.

Mthokozisi Nxumalo MP
IFP Youth Brigade National Chairperson
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