The Youth Brigade

The IFP is made up of a “main” body, which is led by our President, Hon. Velenkosini Fiki Hlabisa, and his National Executive Committee (NEC). Members of the Youth Brigade serve on the National Executive Committee (NEC), which meets every Monday to consider important matters affecting the Party as well the country as a whole. Election for the Youth Brigade takes place every five years at their national conferences.

Mthokozisi Nxumalo, MP, is the National Chairperson of the Youth Brigade.

Some of the activities of the Youth Brigade include;

  • membership recruitment and mobilisation
  • high-lighting youth and student concerns
  • youth empowerment projects
  • targeted campaigns for example voter registration campaigns in which the Youth Brigade is the driving force
  • HIV/Aids awareness programmes
  • working with the South African Democratic Students’ Movement (SADESMO) to promote affordable, quality education for all South Africans

Contact the Youth Brigade Office on:

  031 365 1300
  031 307 4964
  [email protected]

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