Government must clarify operations of the Public Service

The IFP in KwaZulu-Natal is concerned about the confusion reigning in the public service in the country – and the Province – about who has re-opened and who has not.

On 4 June 2020, all educators in KwaZulu-Natal returned to work. On 8 June 2020, all Grade 7 and Grade 12 learners returned to school. The re-opening of all other Grades will be phased in gradually during the course of time. In respect of educators, all are back at work, irrespective of whether they are teaching Grades 7 and 12 or not.

There is confusion in other government departments’ offices about who is back at work and who is not. The IFP is concerned: with the educators, all of them were instructed to report for duty on 4 June. However, with other departments, it is like there is free reign. Those who want to be back at work are there, and  those who do not want to be at work are not there.

The government of South Africa has one public service. Therefore, government must clarify this confusion. As with educators, if government is re-opening government offices, there must be a clear message about government officials also returning to their work stations.

The same principle must apply too, with all parliamentary staff in the country,  both at national and provincial parliaments, under the leadership of all speakers. Who is back at work and who is not?

Hon. Mntomuhle B Khawula (MP