Housing Department set to change lives of the elderly

Newly appointed MMC for Housing in the City of Johannesburg, Cllr Mlungisi Mabaso, has prioritized the elderly in his 100 days in office since the Government of Local Unity took over the administration in December 2019.

Keeping to his commitment to reaching out to the forgotten people of Gauteng, MMC Mabaso visited the Moffat View Old Age rental facility to examine progress on the refurbishment of the facility. The department had received numerous complaints pertaining to the state of this facility ranging from leaking roofs, damaged stoves to a dilapidating drainage system. Upon completion of this R1.2 million refurbishment project, an extra 14 newly revamped units will be availed for new tenants simultaneously dealing with the backlog in our old age rentals waiting list.

Further to this refurbishment project at Moffat View, the Housing department has chosen five (5) other old age homes as a pilot project that will include the provision of social services, occupancy audit and security upgrades.

The facilities earmarked for this pilot project are De Westhof, Donovan McDonald, Anne Burger, Reuven and Vrededorp. These were chosen as pilot sites as they are amongst our largest facilities accommodating over 100 units each.

As part of the pilot, social workers have been deployed to profile the residents who have advanced in age in these facilities, determining their fragility status. This will enable the department to recommend and transfer the frail to the Provincial Department of Social Development as it is the department that is tasked with frail care. The profiling of the elderly will also include an occupancy audit to ensure that illegal occupants are evicted as these facilities are for the exclusive use of the elderly.

A security assessment will also be conducted to determine the security requirements to ensure the elderly are safe in their homes. JMPD has been engaged to facilitate this assessment and it is scheduled for conclusion before the end of this financial year.

It is also worth reporting that within the MMC’s 100 days in office, the problematic elevators issue at the Donovan McDonald was resolved as new elevators were delivered in December 2019.

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