IFP calls for a National Police Task Team Investigation as more women are killed

A spate of killings of women in the Turton area in uMthwalume on the South coast of KwaZulu-Natal has prompted the IFP in this area to call for urgent police intervention from national level.

This follows the discovery of yet another partially decomposed body of a woman in the vicinity where four other women’s bodies were recently found. This incident has reaffirmed local community’s suspicion of a serial killer roaming their village

According to UGU IFP Chairperson, Mr Sfundo Ngwane, who witnessed the discovery on Tuesday, the body of the latest victim, Zama Chiliza, 38, was retrieved from bushes in the Mathisini area. The victim is believed to have been murdered on her way back from the local clinic, as she had a bag in her possession with clinic cards.

It is unfortunate that as a community we have exhausted all means of trying to work with Hibberdene Police station but instead they arrested the community members who were protesting against the killing of women. The community no longer has faith in the local police, as no arrests have been made thus far, said Ngwane.

The IFP condemns the killing of and abuse of our women in the strongest terms. We cannot allow our women to live in fear.

Ngwane went on to elaborate that local men have even volunteered to patrol the area at night, as long as they get the nod from police.

“We bow our heads in shame that our women are killed in a month where they are supposed to celebrate their womanhood”, concluded Ngwane.

Mr Sfundo Ngwane,
UGU IFP Chairperson
071 267 4534