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IFP Calls for Calm in uMsinga Service Delivery Protest

The IFP in KwaZulu-Natal condemns in the strongest possible terms the thuggery displayed by certain individuals during the uMsinga water scarcity furore. As much as their desperate plea regarding lack of service-delivery – particularly the provision of water and electricity – is genuine, the act of digging up tarred road – leading to a total closure of some parts of R33 in Pomeroy – is tantamount to malicious damage of property. The IFP strongly believes that there are other avenues available for voicing grievances, other than destroying community infrastructure worth billions.

These actions will not only encourage thuggery in the area but will provide an opportunity for the hooligans who have political vendettas within the community to thrive.

The destruction of the road will lead in the disintegration of economic activity in the area and even more importantly, schools that are already lagging behind with the syllabus because of Covid-19, will again be interrupted.

In the past uMsinga has always been known as a united front against any form of destruction and instability, hence we encourage peaceful protests and engagements that will bring about an effective solution. We urge the community members not to destroy the infrastructure they have already acquired.

We believe that whatever the challenges are, they cannot be fixed by wrongdoing and destruction. The IFP understands the frustration of the uMsinga Community and is sympathetic to the challenges they are facing.

Mr Blessed Gwala
IFP Spokesperson for Community Safety and Liaison in KwaZulu-Natal
078 290 5842