The IFP calls for a Commission of Inquiry to scrutinise the Government’s approach to Road Safety following the horror accident that resulted in 8 fatalities. A Porsche and a Fortuner collided on the N11 just outside Ladysmith on Saturday night and the vehicles burst into flames leaving no survivors. The blatant disregard of traffic rules amongst many drivers is a grave cause of concern. It is distressing that road fatalities are continuing unabated yet we are two months away from the festive season.

The IFP, therefore is of the opinion that an urgent Commission of Inquiry should be established to investigate what steps should be taken and what measures would be most effective in curbing road accidents and reducing the severity of road carnage. This Inquiry must investigate how effective Government’s current approach to Road Safety is. It should also look at how the approach could be improved upon and what further action could be taken to minimise the severity and high rate of accidents.

The IFP is concerned about the extremely high rate of road accidents which has caused our roads to become a veritable death trap. It is critical to change people’s attitudes towards speed, drunken driving and reckless driver behaviour which are some of the causes of road accidents.

The IFP believes that enhancing post-crash response and enforcing speed limits should be accompanied by sustained and visible enforcement. Road Safety should be a 365 days project and not only enforced and promoted during October which is Transport Month. More decisive action is required if we are to win the battle against road carnage. All stakeholders should join hands in ensuring that our roads don’t continue to be killing fields and work towards achieving the desired goals of minimising road carnage. Too many lives have been lost and in the recent accident on the N11, two families have been wiped out.

The KZN, MEC of Transport, Hon. Bheki Ntuli needs to ensure that traffic police are visible 24 hours on our roads. This will in some way assist to restore order on our roads. The ongoing road carnage and alarmingly high rate of fatalities speaks to a dismal approach to Road Safety which clearly is not achieving its desired objectives. Road accidents have also become a drain to national resources because of the cost associated with attending to those injured or left dead.

The IFP believes that by being conscious and accountable for the actions you take when you get into a car, from wearing a seatbelt and encouraging your passengers to do the same, to obeying the speed limit, maintaining road worthy standards for your vehicle and not using your cell phone or diving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, you become part of the solution.

The IFP records its heartfelt condolences to the families of the deceased in the N11 accident.

Hon. Steven Moodley
IFP KZN Spokesperson on Transport
083 253 2277