IFP Calls On Parties To Honour Election Pledge

After two of its members were shot and killed in uMtshezi, the Inkatha Freedom Party calls on all political parties to honour their election pledge of not to incite violence, to respect voters and to abide by the electoral code as we are approaching local government elections next week.

“If other political parties fail to honour their pledge they will be making a mockery of our democracy. We have all got a responsibility to conduct ourselves in a responsible and lawful manner and don’t incite violence. We call on the IEC to ensure that there are consequences for those who don’t adhere to the electoral code of conduct. When acts of violence or intimidation take place, it is a direct challenge to the IEC and the police services as perpetrators of such violence are testing the resolve of the IEC to ensure that there are free and fair elections,” said IFP National Chairperson, Mr Blessed Gwala.

“The IFP also reaffirms its commitment to political tolerance, peaceful co-existence with other parties, as well as free political activity throughout our country. Unless citizens respect each other’s rights to campaign, to listen to everyone and ultimately make their choice, then voting loses its meaning,” continued Mr Gwala.

“We call on the IEC to act on an election pledge to stamp out this scourge of killings and intimidation. Unless it sends a strong message some people will think that political intolerance is acceptable behaviour. Unless we speak out against these senseless killing, nothing will change and innocent people will continue to die,” concluded Mr Gwala.

The IFP urges all political party leaders to call on their leaders at grassroots level and their supporters uphold and defend the electoral code of conduct. All parties must contest elections vigorously and vibrantly but at all times respect the rights of others. The IFP further encourages its members and supporters to be tolerant and campaign for victory.

Issued by:
Mr Blessed Gwala
IFP National Chairperson
078 290 5842

For Media Queries:
Mr Phendulani Biyase
IFP Media Officer
073 024 5675