IFP comments on the appointment of Provincial Service Commissioner

By Hon M.B Gwala, MPL
KZN Legislature virtual sitting

Hon. Speaker

Angizukwanda ngomlomo okwesiqabetho kuloludaba.

The IFP Caucus commends the Premier and Legislature Speaker for requesting a multi-party joint work on the task of interviewing the Provincial Public Service Commissioner. We appreciate the strategic recruitment process that showed objectivity, fairness, transparency and equity. When various political leaders work together for a common goal, there is indeed harmony, progress and unity that is needed to take our Province forward.

The IFP recommends the first candidate, as she does not only possess the necessary qualifications, expertise, and experience, but she is a female powerhouse with necessary leadership qualities, potential and knowledge relevant to the Public Service Commission as she previously headed the Department of Community Safety and Liaison for many years.

In case the first candidate refuses the appointment, due to any unforeseen circumstances, the IFP recommends candidate number two and if number two is unable to accept the appointment, then number three can be appointed. It is unfortunate that the second candidate lost his parents over a period of a week through Covid19 complications.

We urge that the candidate that will be appointed hits the ground running executing the core mandates of the PSC which includes promoting the constitutionally enshrined democratic principles and values of the public service of KwaZulu-Natal.

We thank the Chairperson Hon Madlopha, members of the panel, human resources staff from the Office of the Premier and the Legislature who were exceptional in facilitating a fair and impartial process.

I thank you