The Inkatha Freedom Party in KwaZulu-Natal is concerned about the lack of, or poor application of legislation as one of the major causes of instabilities and moral decay that we have in our country.

In response to the question asked by Hon Mntomuhle Khawula (IFP-MPL) to the Hon MEC for Education in KwaZulu-Natal about:

“How many schools in the province of KwaZulu-Natal have a problem of taverns and / or liquor outlets that are adjacent to the schools in a manner that is in violation or in contravention of the Liquor Act with regard to location”?

The MEC responded that there are 181 (One Hundred and Eighty-One) schools that are affected by this problem in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. The breakdown is as follows per District:

These are shocking figures of how our learners in the province in our schools are placed in a provoking manner to liquor and substance abuse activities. The act is very clear about a minimum distance allowed for liquor outlets in areas of education and places of worship. No wonder KwaZulu-Natal has been affected so much with incidents where learners attack learners; where learners attack educators; and where there have been general attacks on learners and educators by unknown members of the public.

The IFP appeals to law-enforcement agencies of our country in KwaZulu-Natal to take strong action against all liquor outlets and taverns that are located in a manner that is violating the law by being closer to schools and places of worship.

Hon Mntomuhle Khawula, MPL
071 207 9445