IFP Concerned About State of Affairs in Umkhanyakude District Municipality

The IFP in the KZN Legislature has noted, with serious concern, that the Administrator in Umkhanyakude District Municipality has acted illegally, by suspending the Municipal Manager without Council approval.

The Administrator has no powers to suspend the Municipal Manager without the approval of Council. Further, the Administrator went on to appoint an acting Municipal Manager without Council approval. He does not have powers to appoint an acting Municipal Manager either.

We were informed that Senior Managers and Councillors have not been paid for two months now. They have financial commitments to fulfil; it is unfair to withhold salaries if funds are available in the Municipality, and we are told that funds are indeed available. We want to emphasise, however, that Councillors and Senior Managers must earn their keep; they must fulfil their oversight and administrative obligations and only if they do so, could they legitimately expect to be paid.

We call upon the Hon. MEC Hlomuka to compel the Administrator to convene the Municipal Council, for a report to be presented to the Council for consideration, regarding whether there are adequate grounds to suspend the Municipal Manager.

We have been informed that when virtual Council Meetings are held, some irregularities occur, which is why we are calling for the Council meeting to be held in person.