IFP concerned about the eThekwini city image

The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) in eThekwini expresses its deep concerns over the image of the City which is likely to be tarnished by the recent allegations of corruption and fraud against the ANC Mayor, Zandile Gumede.

The IFP was informed quite a while ago about the investigations related to this case. Hence, we are shocked but not surprised that this matter appears just a few days after the elections. We suspect that there was political interference which ensured that the investigation was delayed until after the election to protect the ANC from political embarrassment on the eve of what has been a tough election which could cost them support in eThekwini.

The Mayor’s alleged involvement in this corrupt transaction – if it is correct – would clearly prove that she is not fit for office and she should be removed. We hope that the Mayor will not be treated differently from other officials involved and that the legal costs will not be borne by taxpayers.

The IFP would like to applaud the Hawks for swiftly acting on this matter. There have been many talks-shops on fraud and corruption and many reports were tabled at the EXCO and Council Meetings with recommendations as to who should be charged but the matter was simply swept under the carpet.

The ANC in eThekwini has protected the leadership of the city, safeguarding them from being held accountable and abusing their majority support in the province to do as they please.

The IFP will closely monitor developments in this case against Mayor Zandile Gumede.

The IFP believes in serving the people of South Africa with integrity, dignity and with building trust. Mayor Gumede has broken the trust of the residents in eThekwini and should she be found guilty of any wrongdoing, she must be summarily dismissed by the ANC in KZN.

Cllr Mdu Nkosi
IFP Councillor and Exco Member: eThekwini Municipality
076 1331 382