IFP: Concerns about elders involved in the drug trade

The recent arrest of a 70-year great granny and her husband in Chatsworth for allegedly being part of a drug running operation in one of the poorest parts of the community, sends a shocking signal about the extent of the drug problem in communities across our province.
This arrest is a breakthrough in shutting down drug operations that have infected our communities.
I know the area where these arrests took place and I am shocked that such elderly people who are supposed to be the custodians of moral values and protectors of our children, are now engaged in destroying homes and young lives across all communities. It is common knowledge that the drug kingpins use the premises of the elderly and the poorest of the poor to store and distribute their drugs and in return pay their utility bills and provide them with food. The thriving drug trade is destroying the moral fabric of our community and brings with it many other social ills. The police are aware of this practice and I am encouraged with these arrests because it sends a message to others who are engaging in the drug trade that their days are numbered.
The IFP calls upon law enforcement agencies and the community to work together in eradicating the scourge of drugs in all communities across KwaZulu-Natal. Law abiding citizens can and must play a vital role in providing police with information about any criminal activities where they live. Very often it is alleged that even some police officers in Chatsworth are complicit in the drug trade but this arrest demonstrates that there is hope. Security companies whose personnel patrol our streets must also become the eyes and ears of the police and provide information that will lead to more arrests.   
The IFP commends the law enforcement personnel who conducted the operation and calls upon the prosecuting authorities to ensure that such cases are finalised swiftly so as to send a clear message to others who are involved in criminal activities.
Issued by:
Hon Les Govender MPL
IFP KZN Spokesperson on Social Development
082 4488787