IFP Condemns Closure of Roads by MK Veterans

The IFP condemns the closure of roads in Durban by those calling themselves MK Veterans, and who were protesting against the ANC leadership style.

While noting the issues raised by the MK Veterans, the IFP believes that to be an MK Veteran doesn’t give you the authority to block roads, which has a negative effect on our economy and compromises other people’s safety. The IFP is against the blocking of roads – no matter what the grievances are. KZN is a hub of economic activity, as many goods come from the Durban Port by road transport, and the delay in transporting goods has a negative effect on the economy.

The IFP believes that some people failed to report to work today due to the MK Veterans’ protest. It is an undisputed fact that whenever there is a protest there is a possibility of damage to property, especially vehicles. Some employers do not accept the excuse of being late or absent from work due to protest action, and this puts people’s jobs in jeopardy.

The chickens have come home to roost. This must be a wake-up call to the ANC. The ANC must hang its head in shame that even its closest allies have turned against it for its failure to address rampant corruption. This is an indictment on the ruling party. People have decided to take the matter into their own hands because they are fed up. People are tired of the spiralling levels of corruption in South Africa. They are sending a strong message to the ruling party that enough is enough. The ruling party’s lack of political will to help tackle corruption and its continued shielding of criminal suspects – some of them still serving in government – has made the fight against graft extremely difficult for law enforcement officers.

Right now, our economy is still bleeding due to the Covid-19 pandemic and businesses have been severely affected, yet the MK Veterans block highways, which impacts businesses and puts people’s jobs at risk. Some businesses are trying to get back on their feet after being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic but now they have to suffer further, due to the impact of this irresponsible behaviour by the MK Veterans.

The IFP calls on the police to ensure that everyone who is blocking the road faces the consequences. The rule of law must take its course.

Mr Blessed Gwala, MPL
IFP KZN Provincial Spokesperson for Community Safety and Liaison
078 290 5842