IFP condemns violent and unreasonable taxi-strike action

The IFP condemns the escalating violence amid the current financial dispute between the Taxi-Industry and associations, the Minister of Transport, and the related disruptions to public transport services.

We call for calm, and for all parties involved to act with restraint and to resolve this dispute amicably and sensibly.

We further note the presence of the SANDF and heavily-armed police at hotspots, and we encourage restraint on the part of law enforcement.

All South Africans are feeling the pinch right now, as we face-off against a global pandemic and a broken economy.

The IFP believes that following the welcomed R1 billion stimulus injection to the Taxi-industry, the recent demands are now unreasonable and out of line with our collective efforts to save our economy and to work with the little we have.

We are indeed mindful that many public sector industries right now are turning to the government to assist them financially in balancing their books. However, seeking assistance, coupled with violence and grave disruptions to commuters, is not necessary and hurts those who need to get to work during this pandemic.

KP Sithole MP
IFP Spokesperson on Transport
072 784 1909