IFP Confident that Concourt Ruling will Include its Submissions

The IFP on Wednesday the 30th of August 2018 headed to the Constitutional Court to oppose the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) ’s application for an extension to complete the voters roll.

The IFP proposed to the court that voters whose names are on the voters roll but without addresses on the roll should be allowed to vote on condition that they the furnish the IEC with their addresses before they cast their votes.

The IFP Member of Provincial Legislature (KZN), Mr. Lourens de Klerk said: “Though the matter has been adjourned, we are content that the remedial action proposed by the IFP was favourably received by the court and even the IEC itself. It goes without saying that indeed the IFP was absolutely imperative to this process. Thus, we are confident that the court in making its ruling or judgement will consider the suggestions made by the IFP.”

“Having said that, the IFP is disappointed that some political parties who masquerade as the absolute representatives of people of South Africa have deliberately turned a blind eye to this serious matter – yet another sign that some political outfits are prepared to talk the talk but not necessarily to walk the walk,” De Klerk said.

“Driven by the spirit of Ubuntu/Botho the IFP assures the people of this country that it will do everything in its power to ensure that every deserving citizen gets to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to vote,” De Klerk concludes.

Lourens de Klerk MPL
KZN Member of the Provincial Legislature (MPL)
082 557 1579