IFP: Criminals are declaring a war against The State

The IFP believes that the theft of eight state vehicles belonging to the provincial agriculture department is an indication that criminals are not afraid of South Africa’s laws and declared a war against the government. It is alleged that eight men held up security guards at the Agriculture department’s office in Ndwedwe, north of Durban, on Monday.

According to the police they threatened the guards and held them in an office. They then gained entry into an administration office and obtained the keys for the vehicles which were locked in a safe. Eight state white bakkies were taken from the premises.

It is high time that government goes back to the drawing board and re-evaluate the current system in place to eradicate crime if criminals can find it easy to steal even government resources. Criminals are not afraid of going to jail because they know that they will get a bail or parole and three healthy meals in jail. All we want is a system where the punishment fits the level of crime which this country has reached.

Government alone cannot defeat the crime battle; we therefore call on all citizens and employees to take a stand against all forms of criminal activities happening in their communities and work places.

The IFP is concerned that the theft of these vehicles will have a negative effect on service delivery in Ndwedwe. Agriculture is the back bone of the economy therefore, if criminals steal the much-needed resources, it means that they are sabotaging our people and the economy and they are against service delivery in this Province. Many poor rural communities depend on agriculture and will definitely be negatively affected by the theft of these vehicles.

The IFP says anyone who is in a crusade of sabotaging service delivery intentionally must be dealt with accordingly. Such people are against the development of our communities and they take our country backward. To sabotage service delivery is an attack to the State.

We call on the law enforce agencies to be thorough in their investigation. They must leave no stone unturned in apprehending the suspects. Once the perpetrators are arrested, we urge courts to show no mercy on them and they must not get a bail and a parole. The community should do everything possible to help the police find these bakkies.

Mr Nhlanhla Msimango, MPL
IFP KZN Provincial Spokesperson on Agriculture
074 259 0820/078 302 4657