IFP: Dog Killing Atrocious, Disgusting

The IFP has today labeled the act of shooting a dog to death as atrocious and disgusting. This was said by the IFP’s National Deputy Spokesperson Joshua Mazibuko in a second statement on the matter following the one he issued yesterday. The party was reacting to a video that has been doing the rounds showing a man shooting a dog to death with a high caliber rifle. It was alleged that man was the bodyguard of the Deputy Mayor of the IFP-led Municipality of Mthonjaneni, Mr Philani Ntombela. In his statement yesterday, Mazibuko indicated that he had not seen the video then; but registered the IFP’s “unwavering condemnation of any cruelty to animals.”

In today’s statement issued after he had seen the video, Mazibuko said:

“Fortunately, one of my colleagues in the Legislature showed me the video this morning. Having seen it, I can only accentuate the IFP’s unwavering condemnation of this act as atrocious and disgusting. There is no justification for killing an animal in that fashion regardless of what wrong it may have done. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) exists to assist in cases where people have problems with animals.

“What disturbed the party more is the report that the Deputy Mayor Comrade Philani Ntombela was present and urged on when this dastardly act occurred. Should this be true, he must surely account for his alleged complicity.

“Further, it is worse that in the video there are pictures of young children who were in the vicinity. Just as South Africa has begun the campaign for 16 Days of Activism against Women and Children Abuse, some adults commit such an atrocity in the presence of children; thus instilling in the children the notion that killing is the way to solve problems against anything that offends you.

“The IFP urges the law to swiftly take its course on this matter. In addition the IFP commits itself to dealing swiftly and decisively with this matter.”

M. Joshua Mazibuko
IFP Deputy National Spokesperson
083 992 6135