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IFP Embarrassed by ANC Women’s League’s Baseless Attack

The IFP is disappointed by a self-deprecating statement issued by the ANC Women’s League in the province, attacking the IFP with baseless accusations.

Firstly, the IFP respects women in spite of their affiliations, but we find it very odd for the ANC Women’s League to teach us how to treat women in this day and age. We feel this a publicity stunt, while there are many real issues affecting women in our province that this structure should be dealing with. Women in our province are facing rampant abuse, reportedly perpetuated by some of the ANC leaders, yet we have never seen this structure reprimanding these leaders.

We are patiently waiting for the outcome of the investigation of a senior ANC member accused of abusing a woman and abusing his powers to manipulate the system, which is chaired by former Premier Mr Willies Mchunu. We had hoped the Women’s League would see that this investigation’s findings are released sooner. We believe that the Women’s League should seriously deal with rising numbers of GBV and femicide against women in the province but they have chosen to embarrass themselves with this self-deprecating  statement.

The reality is that KwaZulu-Natal is ravaged by cancerous corruption by the ANC members and it is our duty as the official opposition to protect the public purse against heartless looters posing as political leaders. We did not attack anyone; we are doing what our voters assigned us to do.

Contrary to the ANC Women’s League statement, the Premier acted on the PPE and blanket saga, based on complaints that were raised by the IFP. We cannot be taught by the ANC Women’s League how to do our job. We have not seen this structure doing what it stands for in this province, other than protecting criminals who are looting state funds. It seems like this structure fears what other revelations might surface and expose its shenanigans or a “birds of the same feather flock together” situation. One wonders if iMbokodo is benefitting from this looting in our province.

We would like to send a friendly warning to the Women’s League to stop poking its long nose into Provincial Legislature-related issues. Corruption knows no gender nor colour. On the issue of the Speaker, the IFP is still awaiting her formal response, as a copy of the letter was addressed to her requesting documentation related to the employment of her office staff.

The IFP remains unfazed in its mission to root out corruption, mismanagement, abuse of power and cronyism, and it believes that it is on the right track of exposing and rooting out all forms of corruption.

Mr M.B Gwala, MPL
Chief Whip of the Official Opposition in the KZN Legislature (IFP)
078 290 5842