IFP : Ethekwini City Manager must pay his own legal fees

The IFP welcomed the news that the City Manager of eThekwini, Mr Sipho Nzuza, has taken leave from work. To us this was equal to the call we made last week that he must be suspended to allow the case not to be interfered with by his presence at work.

The IFP registers its disappoint and disapproval of the decision by the eThekwini Municipality to foot the bill for legal fees for eThekwini City manager Sipho Nzuza, who earns about R3.6-million a year, as he is involved in a fraud case involving nearly R500-million.

This is nothing more than to reward and promote corruption. This irresponsible decision will send a wrong message to others that they are free to loot the public money if they are employed by the Municipality because municipality will pay for their legal fees. Nzuza can afford to pay for his legal fees as he earns R3.6 million a year.

The IFP views this action by the Municipality as an insult to the residents of eThekwini who are without proper housing, unemployed and experience poor service delivery daily.

We cannot allow the situation where public funds are used to pay legal fees for corruption implicated officials. We demand that the eThekwini Municipality must withdraw its decion to pay for the Nzuza’s legal fees.

There are no grounds for the eThekwini Municipality to find it proper and correct to pay for Nzuza’s legal fees at the expense of the taxpayers? Why the eThekwini Municipality is treating Nzuza with soft gloves?

To say that he will have to pay back the money if he is found guilty but then he will be in prison. eThekwini Municipality will battle to get back any money from the convicted person and serving the sentence.

This is ridiculous to the taxpayers who must foot the bill for criminals. The person steal from the voter and the voter must then foot his bill. This is wrong.

The eThekwini Municipality must be bold and demonstrate that it is against corruption and will not defend it.

The IFP further calls on the KZN MEC of COGTA, Sipho Hlomuka to intervene in this matter. He must ensure that Nzuza pay his own legal fees not to use public funds to pay for his corruption implicated activities.

Hon VF Hlabisa MPL,
Leader of an Official Opposition in KZN, President of the IFP.
083 974 5783