IFP: Fatal shooting of taxi owner in Verulam condemned

The IFP condemns the senseless and cold-blooded murder of a taxi owner who was fatally shot in Verulam, north of Durban.

It is alleged that the 40-year-old man was opening the boot of his vehicle when he was ambushed by an unknown suspect. The IFP has for some time been of the opinion that there are criminal elements that have infiltrated the taxi industry, with the sole purpose of ordering the killings of taxi owners and drivers.

It is high time that the web of hitmen alleged to be associated with these killings be dismantled, and punished.

Leaders who hide behind hitmen after ordering these killings must face the full might of the law. Nobody is above the law. It is imperative that the KZN MEC for Transport, Bheki Ntuli, works in partnership with taxi associations and law enforcement to find tangible solutions to resolve the problems in the taxi industry, and end the bloodbaths.

Negotiations must take precedence. In the case of rival owners having disputes, solutions must be sought, rather than having people resort to murder. People must learn to settle their disagreements around a table, and not by the barrel of a gun.

The IFP believes that more needs to be done to eliminate illegal guns that are being used by criminals to kill drivers and owners in the taxi industry. We need to act decisively and take back our streets, which have become unsafe for all road users. We need to strive to create a safer province for our children and every road user, so that we can all take a stroll or drive without fear. Various stakeholders need to come together and lobby the government to implement harsher laws. We must not let criminality take over and destroy our goal of a peaceful province.

The IFP calls upon the police to work around the clock to apprehend the perpetrator involved in the recent killing. The perpetrator must divulge the names of the masterminds behind the latest killing, as well as the source of the guns used, so that we can ensure that the warlords are brought to book.

Hon. Steven Moodley
IFP KZN Spokesperson for Transport
083 253 2277