IFP: Government must eradicate illegal guns used in farm killings

Government must eradicate the illegal guns that are used by criminals in farm killings.

The deaths of Glen and Vida Rafferty, who were killed during a farm attack in the Normandien area over the weekend, speaks to the prevalence of illegal guns, which are in the wrong hands in our communities.

KZN authorities must act swiftly to bring an end to this relentless, unlawful use of illegal guns. This is turning into nothing short of a bloodbath. The KZN government has a duty to protect its people’s right to life. People should not live in fear of being killed in their own homes. The government must declare war against criminals so that they realise and understand that there will be serious consequences for their actions. Otherwise the citizens of KwaZulu-Natal will never be safe. If a government cannot protect its citizens, they are in breach of one of the fundamental principles of governance. A government must ensure the safety of its citizens, as well as uphold the rule of law.

If the government fails to eradicate illegal guns in our society, more farmers and other innocent South Africans will continue to die. The government must go back to the drawing board and relook its strategies aimed at eradicating illegal guns. If the current strategies are not yielding positive results, government must come up with new strategies to eradicate illegal guns.

Sending condolences and issuing lengthy statements whenever a farmer is killed does not solve the problem of illegal guns. Condolences without practical action are useless. Criminals are not afraid to kill people because they know that government will not deal decisively with them.

Farm killings also have a negative effect on food security, as farms play a central role in food production and job creation. If government fails to prevent farm killings, farmers might leave their farms, which could contribute to hunger and unemployment.

The IFP calls on the police to work around the clock to apprehend the killers of Glen and Vida Rafferty.

Mr Nhlanhla Msimango, MPL
IFP KZN Provincial Spokesperson for Agriculture
074 259 0820