IFP Honours Founder on 92nd Birthday

Statement by the President of the IFP

Within the rich treasury of South African heroes and icons, there are few who have served our country for longer or with as much sacrifice as Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi. Today we honour the Founder and President Emeritus of the IFP as we celebrate his 92nd birthday.

While the present pandemic prevents us from holding an appropriate celebration, we know that this day is marked in many homes across South Africa, and indeed by many friends throughout the world. Prince Buthelezi has made an indelible mark on countless hearts and minds through his integrity, unerring patriotism and courage under fire.

Today the IFP gives thanks for the long life granted to our Founder, for it has allowed us time to sit under his wisdom and be guided by his vision for South Africa. We are humbled by the responsibility he cast upon our shoulders to continue his legacy in the service of justice, democracy and freedom.

Having served as President of the IFP for a full year, I am grateful to know that Prince Buthelezi is still walking beside us. We appreciate his guidance as we continue the fight on behalf of all South Africans.

We are also deeply grateful for the leadership he continues to provide in the national Parliament of our country. His presence and contribution steer South Africa’s leaders away from populism and towards service. Prince Buthelezi is the voice of reason in every debate.

On this, his 92nd birthday, we therefore wish him continued strength and good health. We thank him for the immeasurable gift he has given us by leading with faith and integrity. May the Lord bless him today with the joy he so richly deserves.

Happy Birthday Shenge!

The Hon. Mr VF Hlabisa MPL
IFP President and Leader of the Official Opposition in KwaZulu-Natal
083 974 5783