IFP is Concerned About the Abuse of Vote of No Confidence in KZN Municipalities

The IFP is concerned about the abuse of votes of no confidence in provincial Municipalities.
From the outset it must be stated clearly that the IFP is not against Vote of No Confidence but it is of the opinion that this motion is being abused by certain individuals and it has become a tool to fight political squabbles and factions in municipalities.
No day goes by without a vote of no confidence being raised in municipalities especially by those who want to get into power. It is clear now that some people are abusing the vote of no confidence to pursue their own political agendas.
We call upon the KZN MEC of COGTA, Sipho Hlomuka to seriously consider the abuse of this vote and make sure it is used accordingly, as when and where it is truly needed. We also urge the MEC to come up with a strategy of how this abuse can be eliminated.

We should not entertain this abuse of power in municipalities for what can be only narrow political interest. Sometimes, politicians use vote of no confidence in wasting time that ought to be spent on serious matters that needs urgent attention in these municipalities.

In terms of democracy, a motion of no confidence is part of the ‘check and balance’ system allowed under the constitution but this has resulted to more instability in many municipalities in this Province and create tensions among the councillors and municipal senior leadership.
People do not care about positions of senior leadership in their municipalities but what they want is responsive and accountable leadership that prioritizes service delivery.

Mr. Blessed Gwala MPL,
IFP National Chairperson,
078 290 5842
Date: 07 August 2019