IFP KZN: Budget Approved – Now Implementation And Monitoring

On Wednesday 31st July 2019, the KwaZulu Natal provincial legislature unanimously approved the 2019/20 budget of R130 474 221 billion in Pietermaritzburg.

“The IFP supported this budget on principle bases. This is the beginning of the 6th administration. We want to give the Premier and his MEC’s a chance to prove their worth in their responsibilities,” said Hon VF Hlabisa, Leader of the Official Opposition in KwaZulu Natal.

The IFP has always committed that it will provide constructive opposition and engagements to the government of KwaZulu Natal. The important thing is service to the people of our province. For now, the people of our province have chosen the ANC to be the driver of that service. “We will be robust and vigorous in our oversight role into the executive and their departments in this province. It is this kind of robustness that has made KwaZulu Natal seem different from other provinces; a strong, effective opposition,” said Hlabisa.

Hlabisa went on to clarify that KwaZulu Natal as a province is not immune from the poisonous practices of corruption, favoritism, tender fraud and fiscal dumping. He committed that what the IFP has promised the people of KwaZulu Natal to be their voice and ears over government, is what the IFP will deliver in this province over the next five years.

Hlabisa went on to clarify that, “The IFP will expect nothing else from departments but excellence and service to the people. Any department that does not follow proper processes and is lax in the spending of the allocated resources will face the might of accountability to the opposition.”

He said that the same oversight that will be exercised over the executive, is the same exercise that will be conducted over the IFP MPL’s in the expectation of their oversight roles in the execution of their duties.

“The 6th parliament for the IFP in KwaZulu Natal needs to be a period of excellence and dedication for everybody. No mediocrity will be tolerated,” Hlabisa concluded.

Issued by: Mr Velenkosini Hlabisa
Leader of the Official Opposition in KwaZulu Natal
Contact: 083 974 5783
Date: 02 August 2019