IFP: KZN Premier must institute an urgent investigation into the appointment of unqualified official at KZN Department of Transport

The IFP calls upon the KZN Premier, Sihle Zikalala, to institute an urgent investigation into the alleged lack of proper qualifications of an official in the KZN Road Traffic Inspectorate.

According to media reports, there have been allegations surrounding the appointment of an under-qualified official at the Road Transport Inspectorate, Ntomboxolo Evelyn Thafeni. Allegations levelled against her include apparent favouritism and mismanagement.

Further, her appointment as acting regional commander for the Pietermaritzburg region, according to the Sunday Tribune, “is alleged to have also irked members of the Road Traffic Inspectorate” as “the department failed to comply with a Labour Court order which ruled that she was not qualified to hold a senior position”.

The IFP is against nepotism and therefore, if this is proven to be the case, the appointment of Ntomboxolo Thafeni must be stopped immediately. We challenge the KZN MEC of Transport, Hon Bheki Ntuli, to explain why he is hell-bent and forging ahead with the appointment of Thafeni, even though she allegedly doesn’t have the required qualifications? Is the Hon MEC in favour of nepotism? If he is not, he must urgently rescind the decision to appoint Thafeni.

We urge the Premier to summon the KZN MEC of Transport in order for him to come clean as to how the under-qualified official was appointed. It is the duty of the Premier to show bold leadership by holding his Cabinet MECs accountable. Failure to summon the MEC for Transport will prove that the Premier himself is in favour of nepotism. He must immediately issue a directive to stop the appointment of this official until the investigation is concluded.

Nepotism is a vice which has contributed to the poor performance in many provincial government departments. No one can afford to bury their heads in the sand over this societal problem because it affects workplace relations and productivity, and ultimately deprives genuine, well-qualified citizens of employment opportunities. All people must, as a matter of urgency, forge consensus on this nagging problem, which continues to undermine operations and productivity in many companies and government institutions.

The IFP will pursue this matter by submitting written parliamentary questions to seek suitable answers from the KZN MEC of Transport, as to on what grounds the Department sees fit to appoint an allegedly unqualified individual to a senior position.

Hon. Steven Moodley, MPL
IFP KZN Spokesperson for Transport,
083 253 2277